About Us

We are a young Experiential Marketing company with 100+ Years of experience residing with our Core Team. We offer a comprehensive and integrated range of communication businesses to our clients across the arena of advertising, experiential marketing, talent management and integrated marketing consultancy. We have 4 zonal offices and have a network across 1000+ cities in India and abroad. And we are the winner of prestigious WOW award in the very first year.

We specialize in BTL (Below The Line) communications to help our clients to touch and impact the lives of people. BTL communication delivers the goods without the gaga in between, and people like that. In a world that’s forever in a time-crunch, BTL communication thrives on directly connecting with the audience. And when someone reaches out to you personally, wouldn’t you feel special? BTL communication works on immediacy – of reach, relevance and results – making it the first preference of brands worldwide. Today consumers are restless. Brands continually read the market-pulse and adapt accordingly. At Ascent, with our expertise and efficiency we devise creative BTL concepts to enable brands to adapt in an innovative manner. We provide fully integrated multidisciplinary services to build image, create awareness and augment the ultimate sales of our clients. With our promotion strategies founded on in-depth knowledge of regional markets, we provide the right sharpness to our client’s communication for stupendous market penetration.

We give our eyes and ears of our client’s brand, and then become their voice, translating their needs into hard-hitting USPs for campaigns and activities. Through our innovation, creativity and commitment, we perform and deliver results that transform our clients’ brand and peoples’ lives.

Our Clientele includes some of the most reputed corporations such as ITC, Alstom, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, LG, Samsung, Radio Mirchi, YouTube, VLCC, Entice, Reliance, Kohler, Mahindra & Mahindra among others.